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What's on Now & Next (2023-02-01)
10:05The Ellen DeGeneres ShowTed Danson chats about Mr Mayor, and there is an interview with and performance by Kiesza
10:55Dr PhilTalk show in which Dr Phil McGraw invites guests to confront their problems
10:25The Day Henry MetThe youngster encounters a trophy and decides to participate in a gymnastics competition
10:30Peppa Pig as Gaeilge
Virgin Media One
10:00This MorningA mix of celebrity chat, lifestyle features, advice and competitions
12:30News at 12:30Colette Fitzpatrick presents the headlines at lunchtime
10:09Gailearaí Scú ScúMáire Treasa does arts, crafts, and origami with her friend Scú Scú Scuab, who takes inspiration from nature and the world around him. Gormfhlaith Gallery shares the artistic masterpieces sent in from the audience
10:31Digley & DazeyThe friends build a pond
Virgin Media Two
10:00The ChaseBradley Walsh presents as four contestants pit their wits against ruthless quiz genius the Chaser in the hope of winning a potential prize pot worth thousands of pounds. Karl, Jess, Liam and Karen work as a team and play strategically to answer general knowledge questions against the clock and race down the game board to the exit without being caught
11:00Hello CampersThe five couples reach the halfway point of their week-long camping expedition around the Italian coast. Heading into the hills, the group takes on local villagers in a traditional street game, and one camper makes it clear they do not have the stomach for sea fishing. Later, the evening's entertainments fail to create the splash the contestants had hoped for
Virgin Media Three
10:05Judge JudyReal-life small-claims cases on issues affecting family life, presided over by outspoken former New York judge Judy Sheindlin
10:35Judge JudyReal-life small-claims cases on issues affecting family life, presided over by outspoken former New York judge Judy Sheindlin
10:00Defenders UKThe Defenders uncover a human trafficking and modern slavery operation in a Bristol car wash and investigate the illegal selling of deadly diet pills on the dark web
10:45Rip Off BritainJulia Somerville, Angela Rippon and Gloria Hunniford report on the new money flip con hitting social media. Plus, more free expert advice at the virtual advice clinic
10:00BBC NewsThe latest national and international stories as they break
11:15Politics LiveThe latest stories from Westminster and beyond
Channel 4
10:25Undercover Boss USABruce `Two Dogs" Bozsum, the chairman of a Native American gaming and entertainment empire, goes undercover among his own employees to learn how he might be able to improve his organisation and ensure it flourishes for generations to come. He poses as a reality TV contestant who is trying to win funds to start up his own business, before revealing his true identity and offering rewards to some of the memorable people he has met
11:25Channel 4 News SummaryIncludes headlines and weather
10:00The Big Bang TheoryLeonard is offered an exciting job opportunity, but it will mean he has to leave the country for several months. Penny tries to support his ambitions, while Sheldon is jealous and attempts to discourage him from accepting the post. Meanwhile, Raja pushes the boundaries with Lucy, but puts their relationship in jeopardy
10:30The Big Bang TheorySheldon and Penny bond as they miss Leonard, and Howard tries to help Raj get over his break-up with Lucy. Meanwhile, Bernadette and Amy visit an out-of-town biology convention. Comedy about four high-achieving scientists, starring Jim Parsons, Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki
BBC Four
02:55A History of Britain by Simon SchamaSimon Schama presents a profile of King Edward I, nicknamed the Hammer of the Scots and portrayed as a villainous tyrant in the 1995 film Braveheart. He established English rule over Wales, but his attempts to conquer Scotland were thwarted by the fierce resistance led by William Wallace and Robert the Bruce. As a consequence, Scotland and Wales gained a stronger sense of national identity, while Edward was forced to listen to his people's parliament
19:00Great British Railway JourneysMichael Portillo reaches the capital on his rail journey from Warwick to Rye in East Sussex. In Ealing, he is transformed for the silver screen by expert hair and make-up, before travelling to Fulham, where he heads underground to explore London's new super sewer. Then, Michael visits the London School of Economics and Political Science in central London, before finally arriving in Kensington
10:05A New Life in the SunThe owners of a Spanish kite school debate moving their business to Kenya, a power cut causes problems at a busy B&B and two French holiday hosts are snowed under with jobs to do
11:05Find It, Fix It, Flog ItHenry Cole and Simon O'Brien visit a military vehicle enthusiast, where Henry mirror polishes a decommissioned missile and Simon repurposes a tank turret